The story of Sahl Amman started in 1986 when Hadi Sahl Amman completed Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, following a Bachelor degree in English Literature in 1985 from Damascus University. Immediately after, the translation service was extended to cover both Amman and Riyadh. In 1998, Sahl Amman worked as a translation and Arabization consultant for:


SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency), Tadawul Saudi Stock Market.
STC (Saudi Telecommunication Company).
At present, Sahl Amman runs translation services throughout Jordan, UAE, and New Zealand, with staff specialized both as professional translators and business consultants.
The major trigger for starting the translation service was the severe shortage of quality business translation in the market. The quality gap was discovered in particular when Hadi Sahl Amman completed his tertiary business studies in business at New Zealand universities (MBus., MBA, and DBA) and examined the business translation available to the market at the time. Knowing that a quality translation can only be delivered once the translator truly understands the business concepts in question, a strong will has then dominated to bring quality business translation to the area.


In 1999, the first translation service office was launched in Amman on the First Circle in Jabal Amman. Over the years Sahl Amman started to with steady growth to serve the whole Amman area. Currently, Abu Ghazalah serves certified legal translation through six offices across Amman.
Abu Ghazalah is now one of the most recognized names trusted by all embassies in Jordan as well as government departments and United Nations offices.


In 2013, Sahl Amman started operation in Dubai with the main objective to bring true professional level of legal translation to the UAE market. Accordingly, Sahl Amman was able:

to be the first one in the region to achieve the ISO 17100:2015 for translation service, awarded by Austrian auditors.
to be the first translation office to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 for quality management in the region, also by Austrian auditors.
to be the first translation office approved as Authorized Training Center for the British TOLES exams.
to be the only translators accredited by the Australian authorities for translation (NAATI) in the region.
to be the only New Zealand translators accredited for legal translation by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
In 2015, Abu Ghazalah became the first translation office to use the latest technology in translation as related to Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and Translation Management System (TMS).
With a solid structure of quality operation and quality management, Sahl Amman was able to secure mega translation projects for mega corporations like Saudi Aramco, L’Oreal and major law firms in Dubai.
For the future, Abu Ghazalah is determined to proliferate its professional services across the UAE.


Sahl Amman has started translation services in Auckland in 2005. Currently,Sahl Amman is the Preferred translators for New Zealand government for Arabic to English.
Sahl Amman’s translation for both English to Arabic and Arabic to English is accredited by both Australian and New Zealand authorities.
Sahl Amman is a professional full member of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI).