Our services are divided into two categories


Do you want to be understood by many people, reach many countries nationalities, cultures and languages? If the answer is yes – we are glad to help! Providing professional translation services, we can serve as a bridge between you and your target persona.

We provide all types of legal translation services in over 100 languages and ensure that every word is as accurate and legally binding in its target language as it is in the original.

Your legal documents will be in the hands of experts. We are truly experts not just because we speak your native language but we also understand the legal terminology involved for all official purposes. We can provide certified translations and translation affidavits for all your legal documents, including birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and passports.

Sahl Amman provides all types of general and specialized document translation services. Sahl Amman services cover English and Arabic, as well as all other major world languages. Sahl Amman translates all types of materials including books, brochures, manuals, guides, reports, educational curriculum, and certificates, in addition to website translation and software localization.

We maintain the exact format of the source document. In terms of quality, Sahl Ammanis certified for compliance with ISO 9001 for quality management as well as ISO 17100 for professional translation service. We handle:

Rush orders within very short time
Large documents with hundreds of pages
Certified translations

Sahl Amman uses professional tools to handle your translation including:

CAT Memory keeping and management of your earlier translations.
CAT Terminology keeping and management of your specific terminology and spellings.
Translation Management System (TMS) to professionally manage your translation projects.
Large documents with hundreds of pages
Certified translations

Document translation all personal, medical, academic and technical


Contracts and agreements
Court cases documents
Powers of attorney
Articles of Association

Government Tenders

Laws and regulations
Public posters and flyers
Academic research

Business correspondence

Financial reports
Business reports
Operation manuals
Policies and procedures

Birth certificates

Marriage certificates
Divorce certificates
Death certificates
Training certificates
Academic certificates
Academic Transcripts